Popcorn Time Android Download

Popcorn Time Android Download – Popcorn Time App

Popcorn Time Android app it can be downloaded to devices very quickly with this instructions. Admit it, by going through this post; you’ll finish the Popcorn Time download for Android it will take seconds. In this procedure, we’re going to use Popcorn Time Apk to install it on Android.

You can even get popcorn time app for ios and popcorn time for PC or laptop. In the next part, I’ll discuss the uses for using this Apk file.

Popcorn Time works flawlessly on the Android phones, iOS and also in PC. Below I’ve cited some fab features of this fantastic movies application, after that you’ll see the installation phenomena.

Popcorn Time Android Download:

Popcorn Time Android Download

Watching the TV-Shows, Animated and HD Movies is totally free in Popcorn Time. All genres of stuff are available, and you can set any movie or show as a favorite for watching them again, by utilization of favorite button.

You can modify the settings like language, start page and also the theme. Subtitle language, font size and font color can also be changed.

Downloading and watch any of your best-loved HD videos is also available for free. Let’s chase down the Popcorn Time Android app download process below.

If you’re user of Mac, you can bring popcorn time for mac too. As the name says it everything, you will be watching unlimited movies on your Android other smartphones with using Popcorn in your hand.

Yes, this app makes everything work fine to stream movies and TV shows on your device have to say one thing, this app doesn’t comply the rules of Play store, so they have removed this from play store, but this app has been providing services and didn’t stop at any cost. Today’s generation smartphones became one of the major gods of our daily lives.


The Best Way To Create ALIAS In Hotmail

Most people use multiple email addresses for different reasons. Some people do it for protection and some to filter email messages. However, with HOTMAIL, as well as other email provider have the option to create an ALIAS.


An alias is an additional email address that uses the same inbox, contact list, and account settings as the primary alias. You can sign in to your account with any alias using your standard username and password. Creating aliases will help us filter messages as well as to protect our main email account from hackers.
Here’s how to create an ALIAS with HOTMAIL:
Sign in to Outlook on the web using any Microsoft account, including email accounts ending in @outlook.com, @live.com, @hotmail.com or @msn.com.
1. Sign in to MY ACCOUNT
2. Click “ Your Info” which is located on the top of the page.
3. On the profile page, click Manage your sign-in to Microsoft. Verification might be needed on this part. Just follow the instructions.
4. On Manage how you sign in to Microsoft, you can make or add your Alias. Either you create a new email address and add it as an alias or Add and existing email address as a Microsoft alias.
5. And you are done.
You can create multiple ALIASES to your desire or as you need. This can help you filter your email messages fast.


How to delete account in HOTMAIL

For people using multiple email accounts, it is advisable to merge or connect accounts in one for easy access. Connecting all accounts will enable the user to check all their emails by using one account. However, there will come a time that you might want to remove an account which you think should not be connected with your other accounts. Deleting an email account is easy as you are just deleting the connection and not the account itself.outlook delete

Before disconnecting your email account, it is recommend signing in to your original email provider and making sure copies of your emails are there. If they are there after you remove your account you can delete all of your emails from Hotmail and you’ll still have a copy of them at your email provider. If they aren’t there, after you remove the account, you might want to store your email in a folder in Hotmail instead of deleting them.

Provided below are the steps to delete an account:

Step 1
On the email, navigation bar select SETTINGS to choose OPTIONS.
Step 2
In the left pane, click MAIL to open the options and choose ACCOUNTS to go to CONNECTED ACCOUNTS.
Step 3
Select the account you want to delete or remove then click REMOVE.

Step 4
Click YES to confirm

Step 5
After removing the account, you may want to delete the messages from that account. Please note that the emails will not be deleted once you remove the account. It is an option for you to keep or delete the messages from the deleted account.



livemail hotmailI have work for quite a few names if it is regarding on business process outsourcing companies, I must say, it is a sneaky world out there. When I joined in the business process outsourcing path of life, one of my main concerns were my security. Yes people, my security. It can be Identity Theft, or credit card forgery, just name it. I did not feel safe. Not because I will steal something but because of the open space and monitors we have at work. It is like my seatmate can just peek a boo and, surprise surprise, They stole something. So when it comes to security, we are all serious. So here is a tip when it comes to picking your email services provider. Hotmail has the best security with regards to personal identification. then Set a Strong, Unique Password. It’s important to treat these new accounts seriously, with modern password practices. You should be using a strong password for your Microsoft account — but, most importantly, you should be using a unique password for your Microsoft account. Don’t re-use passwords, as a password leak at one site will make your account’s password worthless. If you need help managing passwords, you may want to use a password manager. When someone attempts to log in with your username and password, they’ll need an additional verification code — for example, a code sent to you via an SMS message or generated via an app on your phone. To set this up, visit the Microsoft account dashboard and click the Security info tab. hotmail-tip


Recover Your Hotmail Now! Here’s How:

If you don’t remember your security questions or your alternative E-Mail ID doesn’t exist then there is an alternative way to recover your account by providing all the details regarding your account. You can also try to recover you account if it’s blocked.recovery hotmail

First of all steps, as usual, Go to www.hotmail.com. Click on “Can’t access your account?” as shown in the below figure. Select “I forgot my password”. There are three choices on the usual.

Click on “Reset your password”. Enter your blocked Hotmail ID and the given Captcha as shown in the figure. Click on “Next” button.

Click on “I can’t use any of these options.” When “Recover your Microsoft account” appears, enter your alternative EMail ID under the “Contact email address” and click on “Next” button. When the “Account Info” page appears, fill all the details regarding your account and click on “Submit”. Note that there is no No Need of filling “Billing Information”. Did you catch that ? The next time you should be really careful on handling your account. read more about Hotmail security. Again, simple steps.microsoft

Go to your browser. the on your webmail.

click on. Forgot Password Button on your monitor screen.

Click on “Reset your password”.

Enter your blocked Hotmail ID and the given Captcha as shown in the figure.

Click on “Next” button.

Click on “I can’t use any of these options.”

When “Recover your Microsoft account” appears, enter your alternative EMail ID under the “Contact email address” and click on “Next” button.

When the “Account Info” page appears, fill all the details regarding your account.


Hotmail email tips and tricks

If you send anyone on the internet a mail with the subject line of “Hi” or “Hello” and your email is in their junk folder, No one will even bother to read it. Would you read this? Nine out of nine times that email is really full of junk. Junk email is becoming a real problem for most people who use the Internet as their primary email service. Title your emails so that they sound interesting enough to read. I also recommend that you use the ‘whitelist’ method of sorting through junk. It’s not so hard to do so. Just write something straightforward and smart if not.For example, in Windows Live Hotmail you have the option of choosing Exclusive for your junk email filter; only messages from email addresses on your Contacts or Allowed senders lists appear in your Inbox. This is yet another innovation you should not dare take for granted. Messages from senders not on those lists are automatically sent to the Junk folder. You should occasionally check your Junk folder to make sure that good messages are not sent to there by mistake this can save you often than not. If you notice a message that was inadvertently put in the Junk folder, open the Junk folder, select the message, and then, on the Action bar, click Not junk. But by using this method of filtering your Inbox, you can greatly reduce the junk that. These tips saves you. Spare yourself the trouble if you want to.