10 Tips to be happy and productive if you work from a computer

Working from a computer can be really comfortable, but it can also be frustrating and dull if you do not pose well. This happens to follow some guidelines, since not stay in position ‘4 ‘all day to do some practices that will help us focus better focus our efforts and get better results in the long run. There go ten tips.

List of tips to be productive and happy if we work from a computer:

Reread that you’re going to send before you press “Send” . This simple practice that we normally only remove a few seconds of our time can bring us many benefits: from correcting spelling or grammar to simply realize that we have written does not sound like what they really wanted to say. In some cases, also to reduce the level of anger or hostility of a vengeful email. It is always better placate.

Enables the option to undo send in Gmail . Has never happened to you? Composing a mail, you think everything is fine and ready to send, and click do not remember tip # 1. And suddenly, “horror, horror, horror”. Mainly given here a few cases: you have forgotten to attach a (passable) file, you said something that really you should not (bad), you have attached a file that actually was not that (for ‘fair’ to ‘awful ‘depending on the file), or send it directly to the wrong (also, person’ passable ‘to’ destruction ‘as the content of the mail). So go to Settings → → Undo Send Labs to take a few seconds during which to undo the mess.

Be less single-tasking and multitasking . At least one day interval. This applies to the level of concurrent processes that try to have your mind controlled, but also the number of potential distractions, even if part of the work itself. In my case, after time working with two screens and several open applications along them, I decided to dispense with them and focus on one, running the lowest possible number of concurrent applications. I went on to create multiple desktop and group them directly or let one application for each. This makes it easier to focus on finishing writing what we have yet, organize a database or answer an email without interrupting us a new tweet, or received an email alert Trello, for example.

Stop your work regularly and controlled . Having in mind the time it takes to end our journey takes us to focus better and have more control over how divide up the remaining time. The same goes for daily microjornadas. Take short breaks between work intervals helps us to clear our heads, loosen your body and be more aware of the passage of time. One of the most common practices in this regard is the Pomodoro method. We can adapt to it even with some extensions to use Pomodoro from Chrome .

Before leaving your job, develops a checklist with tasks for the next day . Not to get home. By doing so methodically, is a way to give our heads convinced that our work is over for today, we feel that the homework done, and start the day after taking clear what we must solve.

Disable push notifications to your inbox . At the end of the day, it is a source of interruptions that we feel compelled to respond almost immediately. In some cases, moreover, is an almost constant drip of new notifications. Much better to have notifications from time to time, eg 30 minutes. If you can with remembering a little more calmly, pulling on manual update.

Drink plenty of water . It’s simple: with a dehydrated body, low energy. My magnum is always right at my desk.

Record what you should do, but also what you should avoid doing . Steve Jobs said that Apple modeled what both projects were not carried out, but everything that he refused to do, from products to practices. Be aware of what you should avoid to be more productive and happy time in your work and in your everyday life: You should stop side go to work without breakfast? Address? WhatsApp messages that come to you during the day? Get out to smoke compulsively? Stay up late watching? Series and fewer hours of sleep you need? (On the latter, see how many hours we actually sleep ).

Let technology help you . If you tip # 8 is difficult to meet, practices to avoid related to what you do with your computer may have an ally in your own browser. And there are several Chrome extensions to enhance your productivity : from block certain websites in slots, to show statistically how and how not really worked.

Be tidy. No, seriously . Having a clear work table, a pristine desk and a file browser organized makes you feel better, with the basic work done, and want to maintain that order. A kind of deviation from the broken windows theory . If you want to go a little further, it is good even made ​​the bed every day, just for the satisfaction that leaves, even more valuable if it is the first task of the day accomplishment.

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