‘Beast Mode’ Feature will be Added to New Apple iPhone 8

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Here we are at the end of 2016, as we know there are lots of gadgets are releasing in next year. In those all smart phones highest curiosity is on iPhone 8 and there are lots of surprise regarding this phone. Now the rumor is that iPhone 8 model has the feature of 5-inch display.  There is no official news but information source has leaked the news that Apple has working to release their next model after iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. It is going to have the 5-inch display and a dual-lens rear camera that is exact as the previous model of iPhone. As you know, there was rumor that iPhone 8 model is going to be named as “Ferrari” and this was the big news at that time. Actually we need to look at the Apple whether iPhone 8 “Ferrari” and that 5 inch screen iPhone are the same.

‘Beast Mode’ Feature will be Added to iPhone 8:

iPhone 8 is soon to be launched in the market and know the iPhone 8 Price. According to some news, Apple iPhone 8 will be free from home button. There will be no home button instead you will get Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Using which you can perform the functions and it’s too easy to use. According to an US based website this scanner helps you to perform volume controls, brightness controls, notifications and many more things. You might know why Beast Mode works. It’s an ultimate feature which will be added the upcoming model of Samsung. This software will be added in the Galaxy S8.

Samsung has already applied for this and it has reported to Intellectual Property office. Now, this application is already in the under examination. There is a rumor that it’s not going to be approved and there is are offers the clues that then what we will get from this beast mode. You might know about the beast mode can be applied to the smartphones, mobile phones, apps in android or for any smartphones, laptops, computers and for many things like that. This is extremely a great technology but there is a clear popularity towards the Beast Mode and which is also used on portable devices and it is also taken as a form of a piece of software.

So, this is the biggest leak comes which will be separate filings for the same ‘Beast Mode’ trademark. It was also issued to the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Samsungs has the technology that describes as below by looking at this filling. The mobile phones those have pre-installed application software for increasing the speed and performance of the smartphone.

Here we will say what is the Beast mode if you don’t know about this technically. This beast mode will be added as the app or widget in the Samsung smartphone. Then the users can use this feature to boost the performance of their phone. It can even helps you while gaming, using any heavier software and for many more purposes. Even Samsung is planning to add this feature to the upcoming smartphones, notebooks and Galaxy Tablets too. Even it has been used in the PC market as well.