New to Uber app? How to Login to Uber Driver and Rider Account

Uber app: Uber is a multinational online transport company, and the main branch of this cab service is located in San Francisco, California i.e., America. These company servers almost all major country’s, and even the demand is increasing day by day. Uber have made easily communicate for both the passengers and also the drivers, as this cab service help the passengers to book a cab easily, and also the driver don’t need to go around the city searching for a passenger, automatically driver get a notification when rider book for a ride.

Since the service is still new for some new customers, that’s why we are decided to write information article on how to access the Uber login for both the Uber drivers and Passengers and also Uber member uses this service by using computer web page. Uber technologies have made communication essay by creating Uber Driver Login Page and Separate Login page for Customers.

How to log in into the Uber driver about?

Uber Driver Login:

  • Enter your email address in user email box
  • First, click on Uber Driver logins page ie!/drivers
  • Next, enter the password which was assigned to sign in button which appears at below in blue colour
  • Then click sign in button which appears at below in blue colour

How to Sign in into the Uber Riders login: 

Uber Riders Login:

  1. Initially, click on
  2. After entering your email address in the first box of access forms in the centre of the screen
  3. Next Secure password protection in the ‘password’ box
  4. finally, click sign in button which appears at below in blue colour
  5. you will be successful signed into Uber Riders site.

As a Rider, you have another option available login with Facebook,go to uber’s login page next click the above link,next select “automatically connect with facebook” button at top of the page, sign into your FB account if you don’t have before,and then choose “OK”button in the notification window to accept the terms and conditions then access the service automatically.

You should also know that if you haven’t signed up for an account yet, Uber will use your Facebook user information to automatically create one for you, if you decide to log into the site using this method, of course.


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